Pasta Sauce Recipes for Heartburn/Acid Reflux

If you love your pasta sauce but are looking for ideas other than tomatoes with which to make the sauce, look no further.

For a creamy sauce use some non fat milk with a little low fat cream. Adding about a tablespoon or two of wine and simmering the sauce for about five minutes with plenty of herbs, such as tarragon, adds a wonderful flavor. Just in case you're wondering, by adding wine into a sauce and then letting it simmer for about 5 minutes, reduces its potency whilst not losing its flavor. 

Adding a dash of lime or lemon to the sauce I've mentioned above, adds that extra something. The result is a tasty pasta sauce which goes great with vegetable pasta or chicken pasta, without using tomatoes.

For a different type of sauce, blend some cream cheese with a little milk and flour.

If you still really hanker after that tomato pasta sauce, try using fewer tomatoes in the sauce and replace with lots of well cooked onion and garlic instead.
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