Heartburn/Acid Reflux  Home Remedies with Parsley

Another herb found in your kitchen cupboard is parsley. Simple as it may sound, by introducing more parsley into your meals during cooking, you can reduce the chances of heartburn occurring. I'm not talking about a pinch or teaspoon of parsley, more along the lines of adding 2 tablespoons to that meat loaf you were planning to make.

Even eating that little bit of parsley that you find on your plate when dining out could help you to avoid, or minimize that heartburn/acid reflux you know will follow after your meal, since you disobeyed all the usual rules. (Well, you wanted a little food enjoyment, didn't you?)

So how does parsley help heartburn/acid reflux?

The herb parsley contains many nutrients such as Vitamins A, B and C, amongst others. It is also known for its great cleansing, as well as preventative properties and as such, these properties help your digestive system to function at its peek.

Whether you choose to chew on some parsley sprigs or drink it in the form of a tea, both should have the same result. Having said that, you should be careful how much parsley you eat if you're pregnant, nursing, or are fighting an infection, as in these cases whilst it may not cause harm, too much isn't good for you either.
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