Heartburn/Acid Reflux  Home Remedies with Honey

If the thought of the vinegar treatment doesn't appeal to you, then why not try honey. On the face of it, it certainly sounds nicer and more appealing.

Simple to take and easy on the palate, especially if you like honey, all you need to do is, at any time that you feel the acid beginning to move in your stomach, just take a teaspoon of honey. As honey is a normal item in most homes, then you're more than likely to have it on hand to try when your heartburn next strikes.

Although most types of honey will have the same effect, a lot of research has been carried out regarding heartburn and the use of Active Manuka Honey.  This research has concluded that Active Manuka Honey has a very good track record in reducing the severity of heartburn/acid reflux, if not eliminating it altogether. It can also be used long term with no known side effects being found to date.

So how does the honey work? Well simply put, honey is known for both it's soothing as well as protecting properties and so works well to both protect, and heal the esophagus, as well as soothing the acids in your stomach.
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