Chiropractic Treatment for Heartburn/Acid Reflux

When you think about chiropractic treatment, most people see it only as a form of treatment for adjusting their joints and improving their mobility. For example, sufferers from back pain caused by a spinal problem can be helped by manipulation of limbs and joints.

Strange as it may sound, chiropractic treatments can also be very helpful for heartburn/acid reflux sufferers, especially for those suffering from persistent heartburn/acid reflux where the cause has been identified as hiatus hernia.

Chiropractic treatment is all about the manipulation of various parts of your body in order to improve mobility. In the situation where the root of your heartburn/acid reflux has been confirmed as being a hiatus hernia, then your chiropractor should be able to manipulate specific areas of the stomach. As a result, your hernia should be lowered back down into its correct position, thereby curing you of your heartburn/acid reflux as well as your hernia.

Unfortunately, not all chiropractors are able to carry out this technique as it is somewhat specialized. So if you are visiting a chiropractor already as part of other treatment, you may need to look at swapping to a new chiropractor who can carry out both forms of treatment that you need, or in the short term, attending two chiropractic sessions, one for each of your ailments.

To give you an idea, a course of chiropractic treatment usually takes about three months to complete. Of course this does depend on your ailments and the severity of them. So if you are visiting a chiropractor not only for curing heartburn/acid reflux but for other reasons, the advised course length can vary.
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