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Aromatherapy for Heartburn/Acid Reflux

A lot of people have heard about aromatherapy but associate it more with a "feel good" factor rather than a healing one. So you probably didn't realize that aromatherapy is something that you can use to help prevent heartburn/acid reflux.

It is also something that is reasonably easy for you to do for yourself at home once you have the knowledge. I'm not saying that everything is contained in this site for you to gain the knowledge you need. Rather, I will give you a broad overview of how you can use aromatherapy to prevent your heartburn/acid reflux and the rest, if you want to find out more, is up to you.

Aromatherapy is it is an alternative health practice that uses highly concentrated essential oils to stimulate the healing process in the body and to treat the symptoms of illness. These essential oils that are used are extracted from various plants and are normally readily available at your local health or beauty store.

Much of the success of aromatherapy lies in the selection of oils. If a blend of oils includes a smell that makes you feel nauseous or you find really unpleasant, then your body will tense up and that remedy will not work as well for you as it will for the next person, who finds the smell appealing. One secret of success then, lies in choosing oils not only for their healing properties, but also for their appealing scent.

This is where knowledge comes in, as you learn how to mix and match oils not only considering the healing factor of the oil, but also accounting for what you enjoy using. One of the hardest things though to learn about aromatherapy, is the secret of choosing the right oils for your condition, combined with mixing them in the correct quantity with the right carrier oil. Some oils you can mix in advance and have them ready for when you need them. Whilst others can quickly lose their potency, making it impossible to leave them on the shelf for too long once mixed.

If you'd like to learn more about aromatherapy, there are plenty of books available that teach you all you'll need to know. What I would suggest as well is joining a class, since you can benefit not only from the knowledge gained by other people, but also from practical advice tailored to you.