Acupressure for Heartburn/Acid Reflux

If acupuncture appeals to you but you just can't face the idea of someone putting all those needles in you, then acupressure is another alternative that you can consider.

Really, acupressure is a combination of acupuncture without the needles, and Shiatsu without the full massage. So if it's only the thought of those needles putting you off trying acupuncture, maybe this is the right solution for you.

Even without realizing it, you may have tried certain types of acupressure. If you suffer from travel sickness, rather than taking the tablets you might've tried the travel sickness bands, without realizing that they work using the acupressure principle. In order for the bands to work, you have to line up the contact spot on the band with the correct point on your wrist so that the pressure is applied in the correct place. If it is not aligned correctly, then either the treatment won't work, or it will only reduce your symptoms rather than making them disappear altogether.

Acupressure should be carried out when your stomach is reasonably empty. How it works is by finding one or more points on your body that relate to your condition. For heartburn/acid reflux, this point is generally on the front of the body below the breastbone, but your acupressurist may also use other pressure points which, whilst not corresponding directly to your heartburn/acid reflux, may be a contributory factor. Pressure is then applied to these points for a short period of time and this pressure, like with acupuncture, is thought to re-establish the correct flow of Chi in the body thereby improving your health.

Like Shiatsu massage, acupressure can be carried out by yourself on yourself at home. But really to get the full benefit and ensure that the pressure is being applied to the correct point or points on your body to cure your ailments, it is better that you visit a qualified acupressurist.

Acupressure as a treatment for heartburn/acid reflux can also work for ladies who are pregnant as well as people suffering from one of the forms of hiatus hernia. For both conditions though, acupressure needs to be carried out a little more gently, so be sure to inform your acupressurist of your condition before the session starts.
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